Comparison 1. America.

I like to compare different things. I have been living in US for a while, though originally I am from Ukraine. I like US, all the things that people usually love it for. But what I think is that to live in US is like  breaking in shoes.

Shoes are modern, brand, expensive and everybody wants them. You like yourself in this shoes and you are pleased with people’s reaction. Nevertheless, you know what happens when you are wearing new shoes – it hurts. It hurts a lot. You can bleed, or get callosity. So, though feeling happy emotionally , it does not make you happy completely as you are walking and cursing this shoes. It feels same here for foreigners. You have no real rights here and you can bleed or something, but without medical insuarance nobody cares a lot. You need to pay for everything, you can not drive, you need to pay for being able to drive, you need to pay for EVERYTHING. Be ready for this. And it hurts too. You want to enjoy, but you need to pay, sometimes the sum you can not afford. The “pain” can pass only after some time. After living here for a long time you will be partially free from some payment and will have opportunity to enjoy. same as with shoes. After a while, you will be able to walk without pain. Of course, with shoes things are more complicated.

By annapalagina

How to start your morning


There are so many advices on how to start your morning, what time you should start morning or what is the best for breakfast and so on. After reading endless amount of articles on this topic, I am ready with my Formula M.

First thing you need to do after you get up is to drink a glass of water. There are a lot of different opinions, on whether this water should be cold or warm. But the main idea of this glass is one for all –  drinking water after waking up will flush unwanted toxins out of your body. At least, this is my main reason. Personally I drink room temperature filtered water. More on this topic here.

Next step, is YOGA. After comparisment and estimation of different accounts, articles and life experiences (from blogs,friennds), it became clear, that the best and spiritually full way of welcoming new day is yoga. I am a begginer, so I found begginer classes online. But what I do practice every morning is Morning Yoga. I take my inspiration here. The only thing is that two videos there are in Russian. So, if you do not understand this language you can find Your yoga sensei. I liked mine, as she stands on the beach, not too close, so I do not need to examine her body. I see sunrise on the background and sea. The voice tells what to do and the girl shows how. It takes 20 minutes, but feels like 1 minute. And yes, I was looking for good voice, the one that does not irritate me.This video is up to my taste, it is quite easy and nice. If you need more energy and action, you can try this or this. Or you can surf the Internet and find what you like(and share it here).

After yoga you can take small break, check your email and have a snack – starchy food (my favourite is bananas). But be careful, this is not the breakfast yet. The reason for this was that the morning exercises are not advised to do when you have empty stomach, as you do not have any energy and you need some time after you drink water. SO, yoga wakes us up and helps to realize that we are just about ot start a new day. Then we have small snack and in few minutes – here we go – morning exercises.

I have been looking for good videos for months. I have so many saved videos on my VK, I did reposts on FB, but none of them really inspired me. So, as it is universal truth came to my rescue – all new good things are the things that were forgotten. In one of the comments I came across the name – Cindy Crawford. What I was surprised and  enthused of is how she manages to do exercises in SO DAMN HOT manner, so sexy and so provocing. One more thing that I found, she had 10 minutes video that helps to shape your body. I am sure even men will like these lessons! The exercises in her video reminded me of old good school times at sports lessons which means they are universal and healthy. So, for the next few weeks this video will be mine guide to strong and beatiful body.

After all the jumping, running and lifting you need to take a shower. The Internet and life hackers say that the best shower in the morning is contrast shower. If you have never heard of this, you can read about here. The point is in contrasting hot and cold water. There a lot of PLUSes in this activity. What is important, you need to figure out if you CAN take contrast shower or not. I haven’t taken this procedure yet, honestly. But I will. What I advise is to read as much as possible and maybe consult your doctor and START.

Here comes the most rewarding part – breakfast. The best option for breakfast is oatmeal. I hate oatmeal. But after adding raisins and bananas, and sometimes m&m, it tastes delicious. Also, eggs are recomended but I am OK with oatmeal and different dressing.

Afterward you took care of your body, you need to think about your soul. The best thing is to write in your diary. All the thoughts, emotions, ideas, inspirations that came to your mind during all the morning activities. You can set aside about 10 minutes or less for this. If you have time you may want to write a list of things to do for the day or week.

Finally, when you did all these you can take one more moment and close your eyes and say “THANK YOU” for everything you have, you need to enumerate these things and to feel this feeling deep inside you. It should not be a huge list, just few words, valuable and meaningfull.

That is my Formula M. What I like about it is though it looks so full of different exercises it takes about 1 hour. I am ready to discuss and change some options after practising it for a while. I would like to know your morning rituals. Also, wanted to share video of the morning one of my favourite people ever – Sir Richard Branson. Enjoy, have fun and break the rules!






By annapalagina

Life without saying “No”

Whole life is a path of “Yes” or “No” decisions. “Will u join us on party?” or “Will u go there instead of me?”, “Will you be the CEO?” or “Will you marry me?”. “Yes” or “no” – what to choose? Hard, huh?

There is no unique formula on what to do when you face these questions. My experience of saying yes dates back to the day when I saw the movie with Jim Carrey “Yes Man”. After lookig at a guy who was saying “yes” to anything that was suggested I decided – I need to try. After that day I was trying to say Yes to anything. I went to unplanned concerts, helped different people and went to diferent places. I communicated with everybody and was eager to listen to them. Honestly I was happy. I enjoyed saying “Yes”. YES showed me new way of life, got acquaintaned me with so interesting people and faced so many challenges and experience. I found a job, I found good friend who is my good friend for a while now and I found boy-friend whom I met on one of the concerts I went to ( we are not dating any more though).

What I am saying is there could be a lot of moments in your life when you want to say no without any obvious reason, even not because your intuition says so. In these moments you have to turn your No into Yes ( of course, if it does not put your life in danger). When you says Yes to life Life says Yes to you in return. Approved.



By annapalagina