Life without saying “No”

Whole life is a path of “Yes” or “No” decisions. “Will u join us on party?” or “Will u go there instead of me?”, “Will you be the CEO?” or “Will you marry me?”. “Yes” or “no” – what to choose? Hard, huh?

There is no unique formula on what to do when you face these questions. My experience of saying yes dates back to the day when I saw the movie with Jim Carrey “Yes Man”. After lookig at a guy who was saying “yes” to anything that was suggested I decided – I need to try. After that day I was trying to say Yes to anything. I went to unplanned concerts, helped different people and went to diferent places. I communicated with everybody and was eager to listen to them. Honestly I was happy. I enjoyed saying “Yes”. YES showed me new way of life, got acquaintaned me with so interesting people and faced so many challenges and experience. I found a job, I found good friend who is my good friend for a while now and I found boy-friend whom I met on one of the concerts I went to ( we are not dating any more though).

What I am saying is there could be a lot of moments in your life when you want to say no without any obvious reason, even not because your intuition says so. In these moments you have to turn your No into Yes ( of course, if it does not put your life in danger). When you says Yes to life Life says Yes to you in return. Approved.



By annapalagina

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