Comparison 1. America.

I like to compare different things. I have been living in US for a while, though originally I am from Ukraine. I like US, all the things that people usually love it for. But what I think is that to live in US is like  breaking in shoes.

Shoes are modern, brand, expensive and everybody wants them. You like yourself in this shoes and you are pleased with people’s reaction. Nevertheless, you know what happens when you are wearing new shoes – it hurts. It hurts a lot. You can bleed, or get callosity. So, though feeling happy emotionally , it does not make you happy completely as you are walking and cursing this shoes. It feels same here for foreigners. You have no real rights here and you can bleed or something, but without medical insuarance nobody cares a lot. You need to pay for everything, you can not drive, you need to pay for being able to drive, you need to pay for EVERYTHING. Be ready for this. And it hurts too. You want to enjoy, but you need to pay, sometimes the sum you can not afford. The “pain” can pass only after some time. After living here for a long time you will be partially free from some payment and will have opportunity to enjoy. same as with shoes. After a while, you will be able to walk without pain. Of course, with shoes things are more complicated.

By annapalagina

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