You should see this if you like ART. Even if you do not like modern art you should see it. Just to be sure you know something about modern artists, about yourself and your imagination.

Be inspired! Good luck!

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American a capella the Pentatonix group executed hits of the legendary French musical Daft Punk duet.

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Newman. John. You opened my heart.

Young British singer. You will not found a lot of info about him in Wikipedia (I tried and that what I think is important: 1.In June 2013 John Newman released his debut single “Love Me Again” as the lead single from his debut studio album. 2. His debut studio album Tribute was released on 14 October 2013. 3. On October 20, 2013 the album entered the UK Albums Chart at number 1. ( c. Wiki)). He has not so large list of songs. But this one deserves attention. I want this album will be good start for Newman and he will manage to create more songs and albums that will have the same success as this one.


Love Your Ukraine


Twelwe awesome people from nine different countries all around the world, tell fragment of a poem “Love Ukraine” by Volodimir Sosiura.

Володимир Сосюра


Любіть Україну, як сонце, любіть, 
як вітер, і трави, і води… 
В годину щасливу і в радості мить, 
любіть у годину негоди.

Любіть Україну у сні й наяву, 
вишневу свою Україну, 
красу її, вічно живу і нову, 
і мову її солов’їну.

Між братніх народів, мов садом рясним, 
сіяє вона над віками… 
Любіть Україну всім серцем своїм 
і всіми своїми ділами.


The power of journalists

Відомі журналісти презентують у Донецьку фільм про свою професійну зброю /

The famous Ukrainian journalists present the film about their professional weapon. The show will take place in Donetsk.

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